This is a catalog of interaction design patterns also known as «means of capturing useful design solutions and generalizing them to address similar problems» introduced by Alan Cooper.

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Can help when digital interfaces get overwhelming making it easier to understand how to use a tool like an expert, found usually when using a platform for first time.

Decision Making

For those who needs a little push when taking decisions. Share the exact information needed to close a purchase, shows on Pricing, Sign-up, Paywalls and Checkouts.

Generated Awareness

Because we read faster and worse than thought. Useful ways to drive user's attention to a specific topic or area of the screen for ease of use, not selling ads.

Search & Navigation

Because we are all looking for something**.** Helps people find and accomplish a way of doing their task. Let people move freely, give visual clues and always search for balance.

Accessibility & Personalization

Because great products should fit for every person. Products should satisfy every visitor physical or cognitive requirements best achieved by allowing people adjust and customize the experience.

**COVID-19 Edition** Since pandemic has taken de world products were updating to reflect this status to visitors and showing business support, local news or policy changes.

Ask for Consent

So we can communicate clearly what's being accepted. Terms and conditions are always hard to read and understand, but that doesn't mean they are not important.


Let people know they are doing the right thing. Make people feel empowered and give them motivation to keep going after completing an action or repeating it after some time.

Feedback Collector

Because users have feelings too. Ask and collect opinions from visitors through the use of scores, pre-defined options or emojis, frequent on conversational interfaces or popups while navigating.


What can I do for this site**?**

✴️ Product Management

Select patterns when defining product gestures and requirements to align and communicate you idea to the team.

✴️ Design & Research

Use patterns to find common design solutions when defining case studies and Interaction flows.

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